Latest developments in modern technology are constantly conceiving threats for high net worth individuals, businesses and executives across the globe. With superyachts often providing an escape for their high-profile owners, what happens when your safe-haven at sea becomes just as susceptible to these threats as your home, car or business?

Wifi security, data protection and location tracking are just a few of the wifi-related worries. Drones – besides the fact that they can carry bombs & chemical weapons, etc. – can be used to hack wireless IT networks, smart mobile devices etc. to gain illegitimate access to your sensitive data.

The most advanced security & defence solution for a superyacht is a scalable long range surveillance, tracking and privacy protection system monitoring any activity in the air, on the sea surface and underwater around the yacht. Operating autonomously and discreetly 24/7, smart software algorithms automatically monitor, detect, track, classify and respond to multiple objects simultaneously to determine potential threat levels and trigger alerts.


Bespoke Home & Yacht Security is specialized in state-of-the-art Superyacht Security:

  • Armored Tenders
  • Bullet-proof Tenders
  • Hydrogen Propulsion Tenders
  • Foiling Technology Tenders
  • Armored Expedition Vessels
  • Bullet-proof Expedition Vessels
  • Vetted Crew (former Royal Marines)
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Anti-Drone & Drone Defence
  • 360° Intrusion Detection
  • Armored Doors & Windows
  • Art Security
  • Bespoke Panic Rooms
  • Armored Serenity Zones
  • Bespoke Armored Cars
  • Maritime Cyber Security
  • Close Protection, etc.

„Security remains a precondition to freedom.”