Brutal attacks against families and executives underscore the harsh reality of life in today´s dangerous world. Corporate & Residential Safe Rooms are fortified environments that act as a protective haven in the event of a home invasion or lethal threat.

Safe Rooms are a mandatory component of your overall family / executive protection plan! A world-class team of former FBI crisis-management specialists, architects, engineers and construction professionals have been securing the world for over two decades.

The Bespoke Security Structures, Safe Rooms, Ballistic Protection Systems, Vaults and Vault Doors are designed and engineered to meet & exceed industry standards and will provide excellent protection against hostile entry, fire, severe weather or just a place to secure your beloved valuables.

With 20+ years of experience, the partners of Bespoke Home & Yacht Security are specialized in the design, construction and installation of state-of-the-art commercial, residential & maritime Panic Rooms for the World’s Elite.