Security Doors & Armored Windows are tested every day! By burglars & kidnappers all over the planet. In merciless confrontations with unlimited criminal energy. So how can you ultimately protect your family members, your precious collections of jewelry, exclusive watches, pieces of art, etc. within your home or yacht?

The effortless solution at any armoring level:

  • Bespoke Bulletproof Doors
  • High-Security Windows
  • Exclusive Serenity Zones

Since decades our partners are creating architectural entrances and finest reinforced doors as a result of expert Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge perimeter security technology exceeding the highest international security standards.

The Armored Window Surfaces represent the symbiosis of form & function to enrich and protect your property, in harmony with the style and security needs of each Client.

Bespoke Serenity Zones – the evolution of panic rooms – are a part of your home which happens to be a truly impenetrable fortress when called upon, which it achieves in a subtle manner, without compromising on design, style or comfort.