Since the attempted assassination of the Venezuelan President in 2018, we see that threats by drones from above have increased, diversified and dispersed. Hostile drones are able to carry explosives, precision guided bombs, guns, chemical weapons, cameras, etc. while flying below and not detectable by radar systems.

Whether you have to protect your family members or executives against potential terrorist attacks or your company against industry espionage, you will imperatively need latest Anti-Drone Systems for the detection of and defence against weaponized drones in lower airspace.

Bespoke Home & Yacht Security are partners of the world´s leading Anti-Drone Technology Providers to implement globally the latest Airspace Detection & Defence Systems to counter threats to Private, Commercial and Government Clients.

On- & offshore. Worldwide.

Selection of International References:
U.S. Department of Defense, F.E. Warren Air Force Base/U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, 2019 Global Economic Forum, Royal Family of Qatar, etc.