Bespoke Home & Yacht Security, the world´s leading architects of state-of-the-art Security for High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Executives.

We are providing a unique one-stop-shop for comprehensive Security in order to guarantee utmost secrecy – e.g. Close Protection, Bespoke Armored Cars, Anti-Drone, Intrusion Detection, Armored Doors & Windows, Exclusive Panic Rooms, Bulletproof Serenity Zones, Bunkers, seamless Home- & Yacht Security, etc.

The management of key projects is streamlined in one trusted point of contact.

Security “Made in Germany”.

Mag. Matthias Fitzthum
CEO I Founder„Security remains a precondition to freedom.”

Matthias is the founder of Bespoke Home & Yacht Security, the world´s leading architects of state-of-the-art Security for High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Executives. He created a unique one-stop-shop for comprehensive Security and re-defined Security “Made in Germany”. As a lieutenant in the reserve of the Austrian Armed Forces he served as a platoon commander of a tactical fast response team for more than 26 years.

Dean Cryer
Director The Americas 

Dean comes with over 20 years of Global Business Development experience and knowledge of the residential, commercial and industrial security sectors. He has worked with the world´s top security companies and leading Law Enforcement Agencies around the world including the US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, US Marshals Service, RCMP, MET London, Australian Federal Police, SWAT, South African Police Service and many more. Dean understands the complexities and bespoke nature of each clients security needs.


Our comprehensive Security Systems are applying latest technology and new thinking to counter dynamic security threats.

We are enabling security teams to operate safely and securely based on unquestionable facts. We are mitigating our clients’ risks and threats by designing and implementing Security Systems that are intelligent, proactive & scalable.

We deploy the latest smart technologies, built on artificial intelligence and advanced 360° detection techniques, to secure exposed persons, critical assets and infrastructure.

Our global experience in security and defence is the base for the best Home Security Systems, including Drone Defence, Home Security Cameras, Customized Panic Rooms, invisible Protection for Art Collections, Bespoke Armored Cars, complex Home Security Solutions or even Protection for Superyachts.


We believe that building a secure environment starts with managing human vulnerabilities. Other disciplines of security should have a synergistic relationship with the human element and only by combining them you can have assurance that you have taken every measure possible.

Insider threats are particularly dangerous because they come from the people that already have authorized access to your physical assets or privileged information which makes approaching them – from a technical perspective – challenging.

The problem originates from human beings, so the solution has to too. We have operationally tested methods that safeguard our Clients against security breaches resulting from vulnerabilities in the human element for both internal and external threats. Our solutions work alongside your existing cyber and physical security measures to provide a holistic approach to a complex problem.

“Most threats come from within an organization or home.”


The world’s most secure organizations rely on our Counter-Drone Technology Platform for automated, continuous protection of their lower airspace.

Personalized Airspace Security Solutions for organizations of all sizes enable the combination of best-in-class sensors to secure vulnerable airspace and effectively address their specific threat profile.

Our partner, a leading global provider of counter-sUAS capabilities, just released their newest radio frequency sensors, which includes new and advanced features such as increased detection range and integrated LTE. This sensor-evolution quantifies the number of drones currently in the user’s airspace, providing early detection of drones – including the type / model – before they even take off!

Our greatest fear is an unwanted intruder or invasion of privacy and property. Burglar alarms, fences, and locks on doors are deployed in homes across the world to prevent crime and protect families and their belongings. But since more and more drones take the skies in neighborhood parks, playgrounds and rooftops, a homeowner’s airspace is now at risk of dangerous interruptions and spying.

  • Protect privacy against spies and paparazzi
  • Alert on drones over homes, pools, yachts and other property
  • Integrate with security operations


Our comprehensive wireless security and environmental-monitoring system was designed in collaboration with the world´s leading art institutions. Suitable for large private art collections, galleries, office buildings, museums and art in transit, every iteration of our system is uniquely tailored to the particular assets it is installed to protect.

Enabling 24/7 watchfulness using a variety of smart wireless sensors, our proactive system is a market-leading, fully integrated solution for the protection of paintings, prints, display cases, sculptures and other valuable pieces of art.

We developed the world’s premier wireless artwork & valuable asset monitoring solution, which enables artworks and their locations to be monitored discretely 24/7 in real-time for theft, damage, and dangerous environmental change. Designed to be fully integrated with existing security infrastructures including CCTV, SMS, VMS, digital mobile radio and intruder detection systems.

Perfect track record: there has never been a successful theft of any artwork secured by us.


Residential and corporate Safe Rooms are fortified environments that act as a protective refuge in the event of an home invasion or other threat. They are an increasing necessity for exposed persons and organizations of all interests. Safe rooms / Vault Rooms are and have been an integral part of corporate structures and private residences worldwide!

Hostile attacks against executives and families underscore the harsh reality of life in today´s dangerous world. Far from being a luxury, safe rooms are essential for businesses across the economic spectrum.

Safe rooms including armored vault doors are often the key factor between life and death. Our world-class team of former FBI crisis-management specialists, architects, engineers, designers and construction professionals have been securing the world´s elite for over two decades. A Bespoke Safe Room is a haven, a place where individuals, families or executives can protect themselves from violence while the authorities answer a call for help.


To prepare our Bespoke Armored Cars for the most hostile environments and to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety, our vehicles undergo extreme ballistic testing. We achieve this ultimate level of certification by passing rigorous tests performed by the independent ballistic testing laboratories of Beschussamt in Ulm, Germany.

The Armoring Systems provide the highest levels of protection for drivers and passengers from ballistic attacks involving military weapons, explosives and explosive shrapnel. The fully welded armored cage in the vehicle interior is made of German ballistic steel, and all gaps are ballistically sealed.

The new Mercedes Benz G 63, also available as right hand drive, can be ordered in armoring level 7 (B6) and level 9 (B7). Since 1994 the Mercedes Benz G-Class has been armored in Bremen, Germany and belongs to the world´s most reliable Armored Cars.

Bespoke Home & Yacht Security is specialized in 3 main areas of Armored Cars:

  • Sourcing of Bespoke Armored Cars & special-purpose vehicles
  • Upgrade, modification & refinement of Armored Cars
  • Supervision & approval of the production of Armored Cars