Private residences, penthouses and properties of wealthy individuals as well as executives are target #1 for terrorists, burglars and kidnappers. The 21st century security environment is fluid and dynamic. Threats changed in both, their nature and their cruelty!

As specialists in the protection of wealthy & influential individuals, we fully understand your lifestyle. Trust us to implement the Bespoke Security Solutions you need to protect you, your loved ones, your home and your precious collections of art, jewelry, watches, cars, etc.


Bespoke Home & Yacht Security is specialized in these areas:

  • Private Staff
  • Anti-Drone
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Armored Doors & Windows
  • Art Security
  • Armored Storage of art, cars, etc.
  • Bespoke Panic Rooms & Serenity Zones
  • Bespoke Armored Cars
  • Close Protection, etc.

Our teams have been globally protecting properties, lives and assets for decades preserving private properties from air, surface and underwater approaches by generating a 360° perimeter security shield.

“We listen. We act. We protect.”